Just more clicks VS. the Science of more conversions.

If your Pay-Per-Click campaign is not based on the science of conversion you’re wasting your money and a lot of time.

PPC management is a simple idea. You only pay for your online listing (ad) when a potential customer clicks on your ad and then arrives on your landing page or web site. If your ad messaging is right and you present a compelling invitation at the right time, you might get a substantial amount of clicks. But clicks with¬out conversion equals expense for Adwords.

That’s where Graybow.Olson’s PPC management account team comes in. Armed with vast experience and practical application, the GO team understands and embraces Google data and web conversion strategy like few others. Pushing the boundaries of PPC. Updating. Effectively bidding. Continuously testing. Improving performance and delivering the most up to date PPC reporting. Managing every aspect of your Pay-Per-Click initiative to its utmost capability.

Our goal is simple: Use the science of PPC adwords conversion and a deep understanding of the Google search platform, to help you transform your web enterprises into revenue producing assets on your balance sheet. Go with GO.

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