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Bruce Graybow is Founder, Owner and CEO of digital marketing agency, Graybow.Olson. He also acts as Senior Business Strategist to his client base.

There are many firms today that offer marketing, support and production for the web. There are many firms as well, offering design, SEO, PPC and social media services. But Bruce Graybow has taken the road less traveled by developing a business that goes far beyond the traditional marketing service and ROI business models to more broadly impact a client’s revenue results.

Bruce personally has the ability to evaluate a client’s current business offerings and identify strategies that will deliver dramatic Best in Class performance for an entire company. His strategies often impact client services both online and off, and always reflect critical integration of functional roles across brands, positioning, competitive differentiation, financial and revenue modeling.

He is also an expert in the integration of sales, customer service, lead generation, and conversion efforts using online tools and media, resulting in significantly higher customer service scores throughout the sales and service lifecycle. He drives positive revenue for his clients every day and has years of metrics to prove it. The structure and depth of expertise at Graybow.Olson make Bruce and his firm a “must meet”. In Bruce’s own words: “Our goal is simple. Transform your digital marketing from an expense to an asset on your balance sheet.”.

Key Successes
  • In his role, Bruce led sales, marketing, and everything else for the Midwest Division of Westburne Supply growing revenue from $89 million to $123 million in a one year period.
  • Turned around a declining revenue base at AVW, Inc. and grew revenue by more than 95% in a two and a half year period.
  • Launched an audiovisual business that generated $6.8 million dollars in the first year and doubled that dramatic growth in the second year.

Chris Olson


Chris Olson is CRO (we’ll explain what that means later in Chris’s bio) of digital marketing agency, Graybow.Olson in Minneapolis. Chris’s critical function at the agency is to decipher, interpret and explain the significance of SEO and PPC metrics to our clients and to show them how to stay current with the ever-evolving world of search engine technology.

Chris’s humble introduction to business began right out of college when he established a roofing business that earned over $2million dollars in revenue by the second year in business. And he accomplished this daunting task by never making a single cold call. His secret? No secret at all. Chris had busted the Google metrics code and was consistently able to land his company in the top search engine rankings for the next 5 years. Chris’s SEO efforts helped to generate all the customer business his firm could handle. Even during the recession.

Since then, the Google algorithm for successful SEO has evolved. But Chris is as passionate about staying on top of the changes and re-direction of the metrics as he ever was. With his deep understanding of digital marketing and the science of SEO, Chris holds a unique position in the industry. Even as SEO becomes more complex and confusing to most clients, Chris is able to see through the science and continue to build a strong level of trust and accomplishment for our clients and their businesses.

We call him our Chief Results Officer (CRO)