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Hiring the Right Minneapolis SEO Company

Your website is gorgeous. Really. We can see you took the time and effort to offer your customers the best experience, coupled with solid information. Bravo. But may we ask, are they finding you? Have you seen an uptick in business since your new site went live? We’re not kidding, getting your customers to find you in the weeds of the digital wilderness can be a full-time job. And Google is rewriting the map every day. You need an SEO firm that tracks Google’s moves and readies your path. But when you search Google for Minneapolis+SEO+company you find more than

Four questions to ask yourself about your digital design firm

Your business is your life. More than that, it is your livelihood. You offer your customers the best possible service and products available. So, why aren’t there more of them? Playing in the business world today means more than offering fantastic customer service and planting a sign in front of your building. Your customers need to know where to find you, and more than that, they need to know what to expect even before they reach you. Because let’s be honest, people are busy. When you offer a clunky, outdated website or (gasp!) no website at all, you are cheating